Instrument Care:

Wondering which type of oil you need? Just ask in your next lesson. Horns of varying ages and function require different types of oil.

Houghton Horns has a detailed explanation of which oil goes where: Houghton Horn Oil Guide

General Recommendation:

Most horn players should own 3 products: a light or medium viscosity Bearing & Linkage Oil, a light Rotor Oil, and a Slide Gel/Slide Grease.

  1. Bearing & Linkage Oil (“#13 Light” for tight-fitting rotor valves, or “#13.5 Medium” for clanky or looser-fitting valves):
    1. 1 drop per week each in the Caps and Cracks
    2. Recommended product: Hetman #13 or Hetman #13.5
    3. In a pinch, Rotor oil can be used as a substitute for Bearing & Linkage oil
  2. Light Rotor Oil
    1. 5 drops per week in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd valve slides
    2. Recommended product: Hetman #11
  3. Slide Gel or Slide Grease
    1. Monthly or as needed: Wipe off old slide grease first, then lightly apply a small dab of slide grease to the end of your slides, being careful not to get any inside the slide.
    2. Recommended product: Hetman #7

Purchase Links:

Houghton Horns: All Hetman Products

Musicians Friend: Hetman 13, Hetman 13.5, Hetman 11, Hetman 7

Horn Cleaning:

  1. Mouthpiece Brush:
    1. Once per week: wash the mouthpiece with gentle hand/dish soap and water. Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals.
    2. Recommended product: Yamaha Mouthpiece Brush
    3. a Q-tip can work just as well, if it fits through the backbore of your mouthpiece
  2. Horn Snake Brush:
    1. Once per month: use this to clean your leadpipe only: the beginning of the horn, from the mouthpiece hole only to the main tuning slide, “J” or “U” shaped tube.
    2. Recommended product: Classic Snake or Vinyl Snake
    3. Optional: a small amount of Original Unflavored Listerine through the leadpipe only (main tuning slide removed). Follow with a water rinse to remove Listerine residue.